Léon Lebrun

Eleveur du Yorkshire Golding



My personal curriculum vitae


Name Léon Lebrun

Age 04-04-1950
Occupation Teacher
Hobby Yorkshire Canary




I was not predestined to practise the hobby that is mine today. I had neither relatives nor friends who bred birds and I was far from knowing the extent of the phenomenon which bird breeding has always been in Belgium.

Two people played an important role by helping me gain the necessary knowledge which is required to be successful at breeding birds. First Daniel Roulez who is a technical committee member (colour canaries) of the Belgian Ornithological Association and now a World Ornithological Confederation judge. Daniel taught me about genetics. Serge Hoët is known the world over as a successful breeder and exhibitor of coloured canaries. These two people guided me in my early years and so naturally I enjoyed my involvement with coloured canaries. How could it have been otherwise with such good teachers?

However my attention was quickly drawn to the Yorkshire canary as depicted by the Golding model. I have been totally devoted to this variety since 1991. My show results with Yorkshires have been excellent and these are detailed as follows:

1990,    bronze medal as an individual in the world championship in Yugoslavia.

1993,    gold medal in stam*  in the Netherlands.

1995,    silver medal in stam*  in Italy.

2001,    gold medal in stam*  in Portugal.

2002,    silver medal in stam* in Belgium.

Since 1997, I have taken part in several shows in England and Ireland every year. Here are my best results for both countries.
1998, Best cinnamon at Southern Yorkshire Canary Club of Ireland held in Kilkenny.
1999, Best cinnamon at SYCC Ireland in Kilkenny.
2001, Best in show at SYCC of England Winter Show held in Bobbing Village (Kent).

2002, Best White at SYCC London
2002, Best Opposite Sex at DYCC (Germany) and Best In Show Opposite Sex at

2003, YCC (Bradford - UK): best unflighted green marked yellow hen.

YCC Belgium: 6th

SYCC London: 5th and best white.

Sycc Ireland (Kilkenny): best overseas exhibit.

DYCC ( Heusenstamm- Germany): 1,2,3,4

SYCC winter show: Best in show, best champion, best champion green marked, best champion hen, best champion unflighted.

2004, YCC Bradford: best unflighted green marked hen;

SYCC centenary: "nearly man" and 15 birds in the cards;

EasternYCC: 15 birds in the cards;

DYCC: 4, 5, 6, 7 th;

SYCC winter show: 2nd, 3rd, 7th; best in show opposite sex,
best champion opposite sex, best champion unflighted.


Finally since 1999, I have been invited to judge specialist Yorkshire exhibitions in England and Ireland. I was delighted to be asked to adjudicate at: SYCC Winter Show, SYCC of Ireland, Northern Ireland YCC and Welsh YCC.
I am currently  a member of the following Clubs:
Southern YCC of England, Welsh YCC, SYCC of Ireland, Northern Ireland YCC, DYCC (Germany) and Yorkshire Irki Kanarya Sevenler Ve Yetistivenler Dernegi 2001.


* stam (=4 individuals which belong together)